Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Think It Can't Happen?

Sharia law? Moslems making laws upon us? Can't happen?
Ok Sheep, keep grazing, but give a listen while the Sheepdog clues you in.
It's like this, Ya gonna wait til the Fox is in the henhouse, or would it be a good idea to get out the 12 guage and stop him before he gets to the henhouse. Not a difficult choice, is it? That is the way we are supposed to live life. Stop trouble before it gets here, rather than just live with the mess.
It is the same way with this extreme radical Islamist bunch. In a town in Somalia, it is law! Moslem law! That if it is known that you don't pray 5 times a day, you will be beheaded. It's the LAW! Can't happen here? Maybe can't happen in Australia, where those heavy spined folks reacted to the Moslem condemnation of their wearing of bathing suits by holding a bikini clad march, right up to the door of their welcome center. Damned sure could happen here. Folks up in one Congressional district in Minnesota, elected a moslem as the best the democrats could muster. Good Moslem? Bad Moslem? Does he "live" his book? Is he devout? Is he alright with being among the infidel, sitting as representative of the infidel?
We have a press that severely slants the truth on incidents, leaving out incidentals such as, links to fellow radicals, etc. Most of the sheeple watch CNN, ABC, NBC for their news, and don't even realize what is really going on. Many of these Americans feel that if it isn't in their state, their county, on their street; it doesn't involve them. I hope they have picked out their burhkas and veils, and are ready to pull their daughters out of school.
I would urge all of the Sheepdogs to suggest, as forcefully as needed, to the sheeple that they oughta check in with reality once in awhile. Once every day or two at Michelle Malkins, or Blackfive, or wherever, or just watch FOXNews, instead of the other talking heads.
Now, I gotta get back on the hilltop. Y'all just keep grazin' we sheepdogs are watchin' the wolf.
Sheepdogs, OUT!