Monday, January 28, 2013

This Ain't Hell Blog has knocked on out of the park

I haven't as yet written a really exceptional post but if I did, it would have to top this one over at
       This Ain't Hell (but you can see it from here) blog.  They truly outdid themselves today with this post:      Drop by for a read.  While the post is super, the comments are pretty good too. 
         Some background:   This Ain't Hell has exposed a phony who claims to have been in the military, loves to wear Ranger/Airborne clothing and acoutrements, and he, being to damned dumb to just shut up and go away, has hired a lawyeer to "protect" his copyright material that he himself put in the public eye.  Clear your mouth of liquids and even cover your keyboard before opening the link.
          And while you are there, how about clicking on those ads that show up just under each post, above the comments section.   And if you want to read some good phony soldier expose's why not book mark it for later.   Comments at my blog are in moderation, ( I have some really stupid people trying to crash the party.), please leave yours at the blog post at This Ain't Hell.   We want to hear from all of you.
          Have a great day and do NOT register your guns.


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