Monday, June 13, 2011

How Crazy can a person be?

There's Crazy, and there's Really Crazy, and there is full blown Batshit Crazy. I have come upon one of them. This mouth breather gives his birth date, and then the date that he was "discovered" by those who made the movies "Jarhead" and "Hurt Locker", and they made the movies about him and his valorous deeds. You bet! Both of them movies. Now he says that someone has stolen his medals and his valor.
But wait! It gets much better. To keep you up to speed, he gave his birth year as 1979. And he says that he had his valor stolen in 94/95. That is AFTER he did all the really wild stuff that got him the medals and valor. Yes, I know, that would make him 15 or 16 years old- after combat.
He claims that while he is an Aussie, he was given up for adoption to American Parents, who shortly after began trying to have him killed. He escaped, went to Australia where he was kidnapped and taken to Great Britain. He escaped from his abductors and somehow made it back to Australia.
His military claim is that he was sought out by the U.S. Marines, who sent him over to U.S. Army RANGER school. I also think that somewhere along the way he went to BUD/S. You bet, Marines SPECOP/Army RANGER/Navy SEAL. That would be one bad dude, eh? Really fit, trim, buff, like this guy? He even claims that he met me at Ranger School, when I wasn't even in the area at the time that he claims to have been there. Then he claimed that he had met me around "one of the boats" that I owned, (he saw some boat photos in my FB albums), then that I had even hired him to work for me.
I think that I may update this from time to time adding our back and forth e-mails. I saved them thinking that I may just do that.
He went so far as to say that people are afraid of him..... Oh? Perhaps, of him sitting on them.


At 6:40 AM, Blogger Thom MacIntyre said...

Happy Friday!
I am a big fan of your comments at TAH. The Kyle Barwan story is, sadly, a very common one. Both the stolen valor and the drug us. I had a great life until I started 'dabbling' with the hard stuff:

It took almost a decade after getting clean to get some semblance of a real life again. Jails, institutions, and/or death is what awaits someone unless they are blessed enough to get that silverback gorilla off their back. Thanks for a great blog. Have you ever considered aggregating you TAH comments? Have a great weekend!



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