Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Islam is a formidable enemy. This post will try to explain how it can be finally be defeated.

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Rafi of settlersofsamaria.org

Take a traditional enemy of the United States, say, Nazism, or the Soviet Union, or Japan during World War II. All of these enemies fought in the name of something mortal. Nazism fought in the name of Hitler. So the way you win is you fight Hitler until he gives up or kills himself. Then you win. The Soviet Union fought in the name of Communism. Make Communism collapse by spending it into the ground, and you win. Japan fought in the name of the emperor. Make him, a mortal man, surrender, and the war is over. It’s all a question of tactics and force.

Islam is different. They fight in the name of God. The problem is, you can conquer them militarily and they’ll just keep going after you. You’ll win whatever war it is – Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, but the more you vanquish them militarily, the more they’ll keep slaughtering your men, your women, your children, even your babies. It will drive you mad. How can we beat them? Well, if they fight in the name of God, the question really is, how do we kill a GOD? Sounds crazy! I’ll explain how, but first we must go back to the year 1967.

Muslim theology is quite simply that the Bible is a forgery spread by the Jews, the Koran is the real Bible, and Islamic law must spread throughout the entire world via the destruction of the Jews. The one weakpoint in their theology, staring them in the face, is Israel. The fact that the Jews are back in their homeland just as the Bible promises, is evidence that they are simply wrong. They can’t deal with it theologically. So they try to kill it.

In June 1967, the Muslims attempted to destroy Israel, but the Jewish People beat them so badly that not only did they lose, but Biblical prophecies became even MORE true. The Jews returned to all of Jerusalem, to Judea, Samaria, and finally the Temple Mount itself!

But then the Jews did something insane. Something so dangerously stupid that it gave birth to Islamic terrorism. Moshe Dayan, Israeli Defense Minister at the time, simply gave the Temple Mount back to the Muslims. At that very moment, the possibility for Islamic terrorism was born, because they suddenly realized that the core weak point in their theology – the Jewish People and the Jewish State – was spiritually weak. Maybe they could crush you militarily, but in the end they wouldn’t even know what to do with a victory.

At the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Jews are escorted by the Muslim Waqf and are forbidden to bow down or pray there by police for fear of starting a Muslim riot.

When the Jews left the Temple Mount, Muslims knew all it would have to do is wear Israel and the West down with fatigue until they simply gave up.

So what we have to do is simple. Take their weak point and HIT them there. No, we don’t have to bomb the Temple Mount. But we do have to allow Jews, their wost nightmare, and Christians too by the way, to pray there. Not in the name of freedom, but in the name of the GOD of freedom. America and Israel quite simply must start fighting Islam in the name of God. The God of Goodness and Freedom. That’s how you defeat a God. With a God. Fight in His name and you will win.

1) Israel must take back the Temple Mount, and in the name of the God of freedom, allow all religions to worship there freely. Right now a Jew who so much as bows there is arrested for fear of starting a Muslim riot.

2) America, if she chooses to fight militarily, must fight not in the name of justice and freedom, but in the name of the God of Justice and Freedom.

Finally, and most importantly, there is nothing that strikes fear in the heart of an Islamist more than a Jew building a house in his ancestral homeland. If he so much as puts up a a SHACK in Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank), the whole Muslim world goes mad. Every Jewish home built in Israel is another nail in the coffin of the Koran. If the Jews are back, the Koran is false, and Islam will finally be defeated.

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