Thursday, February 10, 2011 needs a proofreader

'Bloody' Fliers Found on Indiana University Campus Prompt Police Investigation

Published February 10, 2011


Hundreds of fliers containing graphic language and covered in what appeared to be blood were found posted in at least three buildings on Indiana University's campus Wednesday, Fox59 reports.

The fliers target the telecommunications department and the fine arts department and contain content too graphic to print, but the Manifesto No. 1 -- as it’s called -- says things like "the telecommunications and fine arts departments have lost what it is to be an artist if they ever had it in the first place."

It goes on to say "your art is a mental anesthetic, a digital Dayquil. While you are manufacturing the antithesis to all things forward we are changing the world."

The fliers have students and faculty of the Bloomington, Ind., campus on edge.

"It's scary stuff really. It's obviously a sick kid," said faculty member Ed Burnstein.

Music student Daniel Lelchuk agreed, saying, "It's really strange and it's certainly not something we see so often here."

It is unclear who the "we" identified on the fliers is, but police speculate it could be linked to the Cinema of Transgression -- an underground group of artists that uses shock value and humor in their work.

Since no specific threats were made, police believe the fliers were intended merely as an attention grabber.

"It's a strange way of calling it art. Maybe that's what some people think it is, but it is very ill-advised," IU Police Chief Keith Cash said.

Police are in the process of looking into who might be behind these fliers. They said they're looking into pressing charges and one of those charges could be for trespassing.

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Do they not know how to spell "Flyers"? Were they not in the business of words, correct words, this would not be mentionable, but "getting it right" is their business.


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

um... fliers is the correct spelling. Flyer is a sewing term.

1st time reader.
I found this site while poking around for a full version of the manifesto.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

UM... Nooo.
Related Words for : flyer
bill, broadsheet, broadside,

I would expect such a comment from someone searching for the "full version of the manifesto".


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