Sunday, March 29, 2009

Southern Class Gulfstream Getaway

                       Enjoy the Gulfstream in Style, Southern Style!

                        Hello and thanks for stopping by today.
          Take a look around, and picture yourself enjoying a Classic                         Gulfstream experience on a beautiful, Sportfish Yacht, 
         fishing, dining, sleeping, or just doing nothing along the Gulfstream. 
Choose from a weekend of Sportfishing, or perhaps a multi-area dive adventure.
     In all this, you will be right at your "room" or "Lodging", sleeping and eating aboard, not worrying about traffic, nor how to dress for dinner.  This could be your honeymoon, or your second honeymoon, a Bed n Breakfast, or your all-encompassing vacation.

The Crew of this Classic Sportyacht will be demonstrating to you how a truly class act can bring you the finest vacation experience possible.  With training as EMT's, and in the best of physical health, your safety will be our first priority.  While the sort of fishing and diving that we do is in one way or another, "Extreme"; keeping you safe will allow you to take full advantage of all that we can offer.  Whether it be while you fight the biggest fish of your life, or dive on the Adophus Busch, off Looe Key; you will be in the most capable of hands possible. Prefare for a full day, any day that you are with us.  We do not stop until you drop.     

              While you are with us, you may notice a few differences in our boat and the others around us.  The crew will point out these differences, but for your information here is a bit of education.   In the photo above, you may notice how long the main deck as well as the flybridge are.  This is much larger than a full-time Sportfisher.  They choose their sort of configuration based on the type of activity they'll have in the cockpit.  We will be dining, relaxing, and traveling and with the room afforded on this boat, in that regard, we'll be able to enjoy it more.  While underway, or while trolling, or perhaps just sitting around after dinner at anchor, the flybridge is a very nice open air lounge.
       From the flybridge, one can see all around the boat, enjoy scenery unfound away from the Gulfstream, and take advantage of an excellent spectator viewing platform for water related venues.  (We will be found at many offshore races, offering passengers a view of the events, lodging and dining without the crowds, and a private "box seat" for the event, away from the public.)                       

               Under construction with much more to come.



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