Tuesday, February 24, 2009

***** I CALL HER LACEY J *****

After losing one of the best companions a person could hope to have, I now have one who is fast becoming another treasure. Lacey will never be Sunny, but she is unique in her own way.

Being of the "Livestock Guardian Dog" instinct, she is terribly independent. To many, this makes her "bullheaded", while I see it for what it is, and so long as it doesn't interfere with my plan or her safety, I allow and encourage it. She has no past instinct of being a "lapdog", or even a "by your feet" dog. Her mother and father lived full time in the pasture, and were neither pets nor treated like pets. She weighs #112 now, and will, most likely, round out at about 120#. This is a good average size for a female Great Pyrenees Dog.

Lacey is going through a bit of a transformation of that mentality, with me hoping to keep her independence while still having a great companion. We spend nearly all of our time together, and in true Livestock Guardian fashion, my welfare is as important to her as is her keeping predators away. Having a dog door to come and go from the house, she will divide her night with barking to warn away predators, with spending time laying next to me on the bed so that she can share her body heat with me.

At just over 3 years old, she wants desperately to be able to prove herself to me, being continually wary of anyone or thing approaching me. Hee at home, she doesn't allow any unannounced visitors. This includes the expected fox, coyote, and wolf predators; but vultures and C-130 airplanes as well. Ever since she has been here, not one of those pesky low-flying C-130's has dared land. She barks and keeps them going on by. When she thinks that I have nothing interesting going on, she'll let me know that we need a walk, or that we need to lay on the bed and bond. She is moving into the #1 "significant other" spot quite well.

I hope in the future, to be able to do more posting on our relationship, but in the meantime, enjoy your dog. (If you don't have one, you have my sincere pity and condolences.) I credit my dog(s) with being the core reason that I am alive and healthy today. They've goaded me into activity when I have felt lax, and they've caused me to smile, even laugh, when I thought things were dark.

And, for any of the extremist sorts, those who see dogs as dirty- I would rather have my dogs drool or spittle on my face than a Qur'an in my hands. My dog is cleaner than any pedophilic drug addicted muslim idol. Surely cleaner than any male, (not necessarily a man, here), who would strap an explosive vest on his child, or beat his wife, or find a rape victim as the guilty party. (Raghead Moslems- I am addressing you here. I find you and your misdirected ways to be as vile as that idiot Mohammed who married and raped a little girl.) Your not liking dogs is so suggestive of how sorry and pea-brained you really are. What a sorry lot that doesn't love their dog.

More later, but in the meantime, I check by frequently, and would enjoy your comments, (with a reply option). Trolls, if you do not leave a reply option, you will be deleted as soon as I note that you've posted here. My friends and fellow Dog, America, and Military Lovers, let me know that you've visited.
Love your dog, support America's fighting forces, and Hug your kid.

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At 11:40 AM, Blogger LibertyMine said...

Love you dog! Absolutely. She's a beauty too.

You're right, they're always there for us. They make me smile, make me laugh and can make us cry.

You're right again, I'd rather a dog in my house than one of them.

Makes me laugh that the cops over here in the UK have to put socks on their police dogs before entering a muslim house - even if its a terror raid!

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Gayle Miller said...

Sam the Wonder Cat weighs in at a hefty 26 pounds. He's of the Maine Coon cat persuasion and is a rescue. I'm his 4th home and he has been with me since the age of 16 months (now coming up on 8 years of age). He loves nobody but me, tolerates very few people, is not shy about letting people know that they aren't welcome in his world and scares the peewadden out of my sister's 85 pound pit bull mix Zeus!

Sam is the love of my life and I have been owned by some remarkable animals in my day.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger LibertyMine said...

You're a real friend of animals aren't you. Have two cats myself. Jess and Jamie, both sisters, both very different. Jess is a little porker who eat anything. I once had her running out the cat-flap with half my ham sandwich!

Jamie is the hunter, though she's calmed down a bit now (both are about eight now). She's had mice, frogs, sparrows, blackbirds, a squirrel and once a parrot!

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous nee said...

So this is the story behind of the Gorgeous Girl....


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