Friday, September 28, 2007

Back at it, somewhat

San Francisco bans Marines filming
San Franciscans protest Blue Angels

What flippin’ Idiots This is the thinking of a total imbecile; utterly self-centered, totally lost to reality. And further, these moonbats think that the US Deptartment of Defense, should be changed to “Department of Peace”,,,,,Whaaaaaa?
Left alone these fools would be wearing Bhurkas and Veils. Those left alive, of course because homosexuality is punishable by death, or to be “dolled up” can mean imprisonment. To be shopping or on the street unescorted can get the death sentence for a lady.
To bar the Military from their city, should be made, “Returnable”, leaving the Military to not come there to save their sorry asses. High School students can join street gangs, but are denied membership in a properly regimented program like JROTC. Who in hell do they think kept them from having to put up with Jap Subs in the harbor in WWII? This sorry syndrome is not limited to the Bay area, but rather to other areas as well.
Why do Americans not all act as patriotic about our wartime as our parents did during the horror of WWII. Why are so many who still have not learned that to be Political Correct is to be in total submission. Better check on the size of that Bhurka, get it ready to wear, because to be Politically Correct sure as hell will have you wearing it.
Politicians, and their voters, are more dedicated to their party than to America. This is not good for America, no matter what your party, or who wins/loses the Prez election in 2008. The Islamic radical, (our enemy who hast attacked us), sees no political parties in the USA, just one big, proud, red, white and blue flag. Any appeasement offered is taken by them and used as leverage to “keep on coming”. It would behoove all of us to support our military, and our country. According to the rules of the enemy, an American civilian casualty, holds the same prestige as killing a soldier. They’ll use their children to kill your children, with no second thoughts. They do not line up offshore, in ships, and then invade They will be in your government, including local, state, and national. If you read British news or even watch FOXNews, you’ll see just how serious it has gotten in England, France and other European locations.
These anti-military sorts in San Francisco have such a weak argument that they have to use false reasons in order to attempt to deny it. The Marines request to film a commercial was denied because of “Traffic problems”, while the fag/lez gay pride parade goes on. The Blue Angels demonstration was protested because of the danger of of the possibility of one of the planes crashing into residential areas, while AIDS is rampant throughout the city, killing more residents than all military demonstrations nationwide have ever done. They know that to just say that they don’t want it because they hate the military is a reason that just won’t fly.
Since these wackos are adamant in their stance on this, I feel that the only fitting response from responsible America would be to leave them to their own end, not tour there, arrange flights to not use their airports, and to not support any actions of theirs at all. For my part, I have Anti- San Francisco designs in my online shop, such as the one at the top if this post. They can be seen at:
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