Thursday, September 21, 2006

Geneva Convention Rules?

Has it been so long since we have had a war with a Geneva Conventions signatory that we have forgotten what the treaty is about?
This is not a one-sided set of rules. During WW-II we wouldn't have kept to the convention had our enemy not done so as well. Anyone who thinks that we are bound by the morality of the Geneva Convention while fighting an enemy that is not bound by it, is a dipstick! Any American who would demand that we conduct ourselves according to this document while the enemy does not, is not on the side of America.
Our Commander-in-Chief must make it clear that we will abide by these constraints so long as our adversary does too. How in hell could we not use that mentality? How in hell would we have him fight these Islamic Fascists? Should we just slap their hands with a ruler? Oops! That has been ruled as cruel punishment in our classrooms, hasn't it?
Perhaps we could just tell them to stop fighting, and to stop blowing up women and children, and they would become the docile peaceful religion that they are trying to be.
While we are giving them all the comforts that we gave Martha Stewart, our troops are sleeping in hot Humvees, in tents with no Air-conditioning, and eating MRE's. While we give these pigs their Koran so they can foment their hatred, our troops don't have good enough light to read their bible.
You feel that you have a reason that we should abide by the Geneva Convention in this GWOT; then you are a certified nut! If you believe that our soldiers should be prosecuted for not abiding by this document, you are not thinking in the best interest of America and surely not concerned for our troops! If you think that this Geneva Conventions treaty should be used in this war, why don't you go to Iraq, Afghanistan or other locale where the Islamic Fascists are blowing up women and children and tell them to abide by it as well.
Folks, this enemy is not a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, is not wearing the uniform of any country, and is not in any sort of way a conventional army. They don't think of the Geneva Conventions when they manufacture suicide belts, roadside bombs, or cut the throats of US aircrew.
Wake the hell up America! This is a bunch of barbarians using their Koran to take over the world.
I am sick of hearing people like John McCain, (who should know about barbaric treatment), John Murtha, (who doesn't have a clue), and the likes of them who would have us lose this war.
Y'all just have a latte, stay out of the sun, and press your tinfoil hats.
We sheepdogs will watch out for the wolf.
nuf sed


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