Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hypenated Americans

I have given much thought to this "Hyphenated-American thing, finding that those who choose to be of the hyphenated strain are nothing more than self-serving individuals. Whether it be African-American, Italian-American, or any of the multitude of Other-Americans; they are thinking of themselves. Most visibly it is the black people- wanting to have special favor, (Democrats have pounded it into their heads that 'cause they're black, they aren't as "able" as "whites"; therefore needing special consideration.), and personally, I would be ashamed to say that because of my race I need special favor just to make it in the world. Any of the hyphenated-Americans have a personal agenda that is more to their interest than that of this great country. It has been illustrated that whether one came from eastern europe during WW-II, or from Syria, or from any of the African countries; that you can be successful if you just try hard, work hard, and take your lot as it comes.
What is wrong with just being "American" and proud? Why must we find ourselves to be in some sort of minority? I am in a minority- of those that wipe our own butts, don't ask for government handouts, and pick up after ourselves. I am so damned typically American with several strains of european blood, and a family background of those that "did for themselves"; and cannot for the life of me see why I would want to assosiate myself with any Hyphenated-American group, sect, bloc, or bunch. Further- myself, my father and his brothers, and others of my generation are all proud patriots, veterans, and even have a few heroes thrown in; all without hyhenating ourselves.
If you aren't content to be a loud, patriotic AMERICAN, and must resort to being merely another "Hyphenated-American"; you have my pity. You need all the help that you can get from we Americans. And, as you lever your position with this Hyphenated-American syndrome; don't be disappointed if your butt gets wiped in a fashion not entirely pleasing to you. If you want it done right, figure out how to do it yourself.
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