Saturday, February 14, 2009


Once in awhile things go as you'd like them to. I recently had the opportunity to buy a really great classic truck. A friend afforded me the financial edge needed, and now I have what I hope will be the last vehicle that I will own.

I hope to earn just a bit with the truck in order to enjoy it with a bit of cash coming in, but mainly, it is just my daily driver.

It is a 1987 F-350 Custom Conversion Diesel Hauler. Built out by Cabriolet Conversions, it has a 42 inch sleeper, an overhead switch console, and a very nice interior. The sleeper has a futon that is a comfortable sofa, and converts to a 42 inch wide bed that has over 6 feet of length. The sleeper has lighting, TV, 12V power outlets, and room. The windows are curtained and there are drapes between the front seats and the sleeper.

This truck has extremely low mileage, and has had but a couple of drivers. With over 90 lght bulbs on it, lots of chrome, and good styling; it is a head turner wherever it goes. I love flash and nostalgia, and this has both.

I have been cleaning it up, and every day, I find that it looks better than the day before. I have all the wiring in pretty good shape, got a plethora of hitch options, and can consider it to be very versatile. My dog Lacey J loves riding either inside or on the back, and when you see the truck, you'll most likely see her as well.

I plan to enter it in local car shows as a nostalgia modified. At 22 years old, it has some cracking where the builder used bondo to cover the joint between the steel Ford cab and the Cabriolet fiberglas sleeper. That is only cracked bondo and paint, but the structural bond is good and very solid.

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Hug your Dog, Love America, and Thank your troops.

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At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for using my truck as one of your examples. Next time Wendie and I are down that way we'll have to spend more time with you and Lacy.

Uncle Trucker


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