Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigration: The American Way

Immigration: The American way
That's "Legal Immigration" folks. Anything else is criminal.

Now, if we could make that separation, we could be on the way to ending this mess.
I've just inserted a photo, don't have a clue where it will show up. I'll add several more as I type. They are designs stating the feelings of me and others sensitive to this issue. I just cannot see why the United States justice system has allowed this fundamental lawbreaking to go on. Illegals to harvest produce? Why not mexican nationals that offer full disclosure of themselves, and present proper papers at border checkpoints? If this country needs these migrants, (and I believe that we do), we don't need them as illegals. If there is a limit of requests processed annually, and it is being maxed out, expand it. Yes, fund it and expand it, even hiring legal immigrants as translators, and other useful positions. Just inserted the 2nd photo. I realize that the majority of America is immigrant related. Ellis Island did duty for years as the most visual point for those wanting the American Dream. They wanted it badly enough to learn our language, our ways, and how to respect our nation of laws. They were more vocal about flag courtesy than patriotic americans of the day. These people came here for much deeper reasons than to shop at Wal-mart. They came to assimilate themselves into society, to contribute their expertise to the good of America. They knew that to become involved with the dole would make them enslaved forever. They "worked their donkeys off!" They were my relatives, your relatives, your neighbor, and so on.
Todays illegal, criminal immigrant is here to take, to live in their closed society, and to not want to be seen. They have found ways to even own homes, through underground do-gooders who don't know the criminal, civic background of these people that they are hiding out. We need only look back to Jimmah Cahtah and his "America has her arms open to you all. And through Mariel we inherited Castro's sick, lame, and lazy. I'm sure some really good people got here through Puerty Mariel, but many, many of them were the dregs, even criminals pardoned provided they stay in the USA, and mentally unstable types. Just ask any of those of us who consider South Florida to be paradise.
Illegal Mexicans is a very real, very visible problem. Added to that, there is the opportunity for terrorist types to infiltrate either from the south or the north. There have been several instances of interceptions of weaponry, bomb stuff, or more, as well as an underground conduit for illegal ragheads. Our borders are our last line of defense. Our multi racial, multi cultural society make hiding out so very easy. When we knock off a Zarqari crew, we've done good in our defense here in this country, but our borders are the place for action. We must know who is coming through! We must know where our visa carrying guests are! And we must know who is headed where. That is not racist! It is not political! It is not Isolationist! It is the American government doing what the populace has demanded they do: "Their utmost to offer us protection from invading forces!" Or some such statement. This cannot be achieved with the pitiful situation we have in bad or missing fences, airport security, and port terminal security. We must stop this at the fence, not in the henhouse.
Just added another photo. Anyway, the sides are not Pro-Immigration VS Anti-Immigration. But rather: Pro-Illegal Immigration VS Anti-Illegal Immigration! Either we clean this up, or we may as well disband the US border Patrol.
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ps: Sorry about the delay betwen posts. I've got several irons in the fire, including my online shop, a high custom remodel that I am doing on an old farmhouse, and my personal hideaway, a 10ft. X 22ft. post and beam building that I am turning into a very nice all wood, no paint, office/daybed/ranch cookhouse, security shack. I am pretty good at finding lots of room on older wooden sportfishers, and using that mentality, I am working with spacious footage. I have a new pup to take over for my 11 year old who is retiring to the back porch. She is taking up much time, as she lives her instinct as a "Livestock Guardian Dog". Lacey is bonding well, and discovering her deep growl, keeping all sorts of aliens at a distance. just added another photo