Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have changed the banner at my online apparel shop to the one above. Sunny has departed, and Lacey n I now have the wheel of this thing. Time Marches On. Stop by and see what I could do for you. Want just one shirt, a mug, calendar, bumper sticker made just for you? How about a full line of Apparel with each person personalized. Great for small companies. Have me do one or more base designs, and then we'll cover each employee with his/her personal gear. And! There is never, ever a charge for a layout that will be used in my shop. You pay for only the items that you buy. Where else can you have your own personal line of apparel and gear with no out of pocket expense?

R.I.P. SUNNY, Sept 06,08
In just the last few years I have discovered the computer. And 3 or so years ago, my sister turned me on to Cafepress. It is an online Apparel and gear shop, offering "On demand printing", negating the need for the large quantities that one associates with custom screenprint. Using a photoshop program, I have found myself able to produce saleable art, both stock and custom designs. I have a few particular passions; i.e. Trucking, Sportfishing, Offshore Racing, Troop Support, and First Responder Support, for the most part. Integrating these interests with my artwork has enabled me to come up with some pretty good stuff. Take a look at my shop: , and see what I have to offer.

I use both graphic art and photography to produce what I think may be of interest to someone. Once completed I post it to my shop and display it on various items of clothing, mugs, calendars and much more. As below, I can take a photograph, crop it, and frame it within my Photoshop. The various designs below will show different treatments to achieve different effects. Not everyone likes all of it, and some surely like none of it. Picasso felt the same emotion about his passion.

A major topic to me, these days, is that of the encroachment of Radical Islam. I don't give a damn about anyones religion so long as they keep it to themselves. My Christian relatives don't attempt to push their belief on me, and I don't need some 7th century shithead to push his on me. If he wants to punish himself, beat himself up, and blow himself up; I could care less. When he uses his children to do it, and to blow innocent, non-involved people up, the Splodeydoper proves that he has no reason to live on this planet. His damned Shari'a, Jihad, desire to have a Caliphate, or whatever are as stupid as that damned book he claims all this comes from. As I see it, either his interpetation is seriously flawed or the book is a manual of hate. In life, I have found that most hate is based on envy. And to envy is a small emotion that eats valuable time in anyones life who practices it. These radical idiots have done nothing to contribute to the world, whether in literature, art, technology, medicine or just plain spreading true peace. But they do know how to build a bomb, circumcise their daughter, or beat their wife. They talk about being brave, but wear masks. They tell the peons to fight to the death then hide in spider holes and caves. Islamic radicals are as screwed up as that drug-addicted pedophile Mohammed that they choose to emulate. Losers, all. And I have many designs on them. See this topic at:

Offshore Ocean Racing is the NASCAR of the Bluewater racers. 80- 90- over a hundred miles an hour across 3 to 5 foot seas demands the best from the best. I have been blessed to be deep in the middle of the sport, and these days love to spectate it. For a bunch of well to do people, you will find some real winners here.

Art for them is mostly in my favorite of all sections: "Custom 4 U". See what I have done here: .

I spent several years of my life driving trucks. Not a craft that I "needed", but rather, one that I just wanted to pursue. Each job was different- either a different route, different load and trailer, or different type of truck. This has given me the ability to see what is and what isn't a good photo of a truck. Using this, I have produced some pretty good custom designs that the truck owners use today. These designs are within the "Custom 4 U" section.

Another passion of mine is self-protection. The government cannot, law enforcement cannot, and your neighbor is probably either drunk or too damned liberal to help you. One statement that sticks in my mind is: "When seconds count, the police are just minutes away." By law they cannot do anything until after the shit hits the fan. You cannot have them arrest and confine someone who is planning to harm you and yours. They must wait until after the act is committed- a classic example of closing the barn after the horse gets out. I have a section on "Attitudes" that contains much of this, as does my political, family and other sections.

Browse my shop and take a look around. Many of the sections also have sub-sections. Just click on any interesting topic and see what is inside. Most orders from my shop are in the buyers hands in less than a week. Pretty much depends on the shipping speed that you choose to pay for. All items offered by Cafepress are of good quality with no seconds nor second rate items. the least quality shirt we sell is a "Hanes Heavyweight". I buy them for myself and they are good!

Want something custom? From a photo, or just an idea? I can do it. I would have to brief you on the type of photo values and such, but not all my photo art is from my camera. Want a business card layout, sign layout or other to offer to a printer, signshop, or whatever? Hit me up.

Avoiding the spam scans, my e-mail is: frankiecee at gmail dot com, or just hit the blue box at the top right of my online shop.

Enjoy, thank you for reading, and please- thank a vet for his service.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Keeping this blog alive but dormant

Hello Y'all:
This is not an informative post by any means. I saw a button that said that this blog is inactive, so in order to keep it, I am posting this little bit.
The good stuff is below. Read on and enjoy.
Frankie Cee