Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Friend Passes

These Photos have no chronological order. Above is Lacey J as a Pup with Sunny, 2006, Sunny is 11 years old.
Sunny loved boat riding, and aboard Tropic she was with her Friend Lily, n her green parrot.
This was about 2000, and Sunny was 5 or so.

Sunny was so conservative, that without her coat, you could see her patriotism. Would be nice if this is the way most Americans looked? 2004 at 9 years old.

Same good ol' dog as the photo above, but with her coat on, covering up the Stars n Stripes, while she fishes.

And same ol' Girl, now with her dogtags on, as "The Original Old War Dog"

Sunny on her first birthday, and her Red Haired Friend "Chassie", 9/12/1996, Dade City Florida.

Sunny at 5 years old, Holly Hill official greeter, Holly Hill Florida 8/10/2000

Sunny at 7 years old, Old Wood Bridge Fish Camp with "her" Pelican 7/15/2002

Sunny at nearly 3 years old, "Blonde on the foredeck" mode, No Name Key Florida 7/15/1998

Hello Y'all:
On Saturday, (Sept 6,08), my most significant other, and closest friend for the past 12 3/4 years died. Sunny had Arthritis, deafness, and full blown Breast Cancer. I held her head as she died, just 2 minutes after licking my face in a final kiss. If only our human friends could be so steadfast, so dedicated to our comfort as she was; we'd be much better off. No one that I have ever known would have died for me, no one. No one that I have ever known was so tolerant of my shortcomings, and my mannerisms. Sunny and I communicated in a way that wives and I should have communicated.
There is no grotto, no memorial, not even a headstone where I buried her. It will just be a level place in a 40 acre hayfield here on the farm. My memorial to her is my memory of the fantastic life she and I had as a team. I live extreme and we lived extreme. We have memories that stretch from Central Florida to the Keys, the Bahamas, and even to the Carribe. She was a special animal.
She tolerated and enjoyed my friends and let my agressors know that she was between me and they, (several times). 30 or so months ago, she and I selected Lacey, my Great Pyrenees Dog to be her replacement. It was a good choice. Lacey is not like Sunny, and will not be all as super as Sunny; but she loves me, and knows that I am a "touchy feely" sort and gives me physical contact to let me know that she is here for me.
Sunny knew over 250 words and phrases, could "talk" to me with her eyes, and always knew just where I was and stayed between me and harms way. We rode out hurricanes aboard boats, fought and caught big fish, and played with the worlds best "players", (she swam with and communicated with Dolphins), and generally had one hell of a good life. She is known by thousands of people, from all walks of life, and did some thing to please each of them.
I said my goodbyes to her in her last days, and she, in her way said hers to me.
I would ask that every one of you please, please, help someone become aware of the early testing available to prevent Breast Cancer. Sunny was beautiful, but she was burdened with this UGLY disease. Please don't put yourself in her place.
RIP Sunny 9/12/95- 9/06/08

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