Friday, December 30, 2005

I do woodwork, and always have some leftover wood from past projects. One of my favorite disclaimers as to my personal things is, "From available materials". That is the theme- just available materials. It works for me. In that vein, I have been morphing an old homemade countertop into my computer/work station. As a retired trucker, I call this: My Drivers Seat.
It's all wood, and it's all my work. The wing on the left, (not to be confused with the "leftwing"), has been finished since this photo, and will be shown as the new setup later. I like wood, always have, always will; having built log homes, wood yacht interiors, and many other things. To be able to sit at a workplace that was built by me, is a pleasure. That chair started its life as a Naugahyde padded helm chair. I've rebuilt it using a Nutmeg plank customized to my use. It goes where I go. When we are sailfishing, I use this chair in the cockpit to rig baits in the marina. I sit here for hours writing, blogging, and whatever else, just enjoying the wood arena.
Now, back to work, later, friends Nuf Sed