Friday, June 11, 2010

And "W" sez, Miss me yet?

If the screwing of the USA by those within it were not so serious it would be funny. 52.something percent of voters have decided that we should give the country to the Unions, to the politicians, and to anyone but the working American. There is an element of us who see this as being as serious as an armed invasion by an enemy force. Of late, much has been made of the oath that we veterans took upon our enlistment, an oath to defend the country against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC. Anyone who does not believe that this nation of ours, the greatest country on the planet; is under attack, is just one more of the masses looking for the sale at the Mall or the local Starbucks, and could care less about the country they leave for their grandchildren and their children.
Recently, the CEO of a major American Yacht builder, offered me a look at a new group. This group is named, and the name stands for "GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE", referring to the House of Representatives.
This may be the widget for them: